Friday, April 6, 2012

Review :: Satan's Satyrs :: Wild Beyond Belief

Saturday night's alright for fighting, and Friday night's prime time for some geeked out doom punk.

You want my advice? Drag into work late tomorrow, skip out early, head home in time to go toe to toe with Natty Daddy, and see if you're not forged from steel in the morning. Hope you forget the 8% abv hellride in between, soundtrack courtesy of Herndon, VA's own. Shit, I never imagined I'd be typing that.

Coming out any day now from the label started by the folks over at Joint Custody in Adams Morgan called Trash King Productions:
First edition of 500: 300 on black vinyl, 200 on clear red vinyl. Proudly made in the USA.
You just know you wanna get in on that red vinyl, don't chuh, kid? So why not try? Pre-order yours and pick it up at the store's location downstairs from Pharmacy Bar.

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