Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review :: Coma Cinema :: Blue Suicide

Can't stop listening to this. I think I love it. L-U-V. A year old, so it's the anniversary of sorts, so I'm not afraid to ask publicly at this point if Mat Cothran's up for doing a reissue, because I think I could sell this. Short run, high quality, cassette format. Everything above and beyond the cost of doing business goes back to the artist.

These are sluggish, pop missives composed by Jonah from the core of the whale's heart. Hyperliterate and tainted by an apathy for modern life. I would trust Mr. Cothran to explain to my health insurance company why they should cover the cost of my as-of-yet undiagnosed bone disorder.

Stream for free. Spend the dollar bills for the product. And make sure you check out Cothran's other projects.

[Note: Wonder Beard Tapes sells this release, but the site/functionality are non-site/non-functional as of this moment. This one right here. It's over.]

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  1. if they ever invent a scanner that converts blood flow to music, this is what my brain would sound like. great find.