Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review :: Featureless Ghost :: MindBody

Got this tape in a few weeks ago, part of a batch from Night People, and I think it's the best thing to happen to me in 2012 so far. Seriously, before this, it was that skinned knee I got (just good to feel something, know what I'm saying?). But since this tape arrived I've been content just lolling around on the carpet with it. Propping it up on pillows on the living room floor, building fires in the fireplace, and laying around with a glass of Cab until the night drifts away from us. Been taking it out for bike rides, too, exploring new neighborhoods on the lookout for a cute cafe or maybe a yoga studio. One of our favorite things: buying cheeses neither of us has tried before.

Turns out Featureless Ghost goes through these motions with everyone. Trampin their way through cassette decks across the globe. But fuck it, I'm ready to be used. "Know-U" is the jam. Mas synthwave por favor. "Different Way" is the dance floor hit that may actually get me out on the dance floor. "Cool Dream" slips into a solidly psyched-out void from which it's hard to rebound your spacecraft.

It's cold, dark, and creepy material. Green ooze chockfull of designer mutagens.  Next time a tornado comes I want to take this album out to the storm shelter with me and plant the seeds for a superior, possibly winged race of people. Together we'll emerge and spread the word of OUR LORD AKAI. Even our elbow patches will have Ray Bans. Our turtlenecks will be wearing hair gel.

Pick it up from Night People. Everything they put out's fucking essential.

Bonus vid (pretend it's an Easter egg):

This video produced by Swan 7 for Newtown Radio is also a falling bomb worth planting yourself under:

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