Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review :: Teledrome :: Double Vision

For your Saturday listening pleasure slash weekly Millenium Falcon flight crew headtrip: some new space age garage from Calgary released courtesy of Hozac. Teledrome find a nice sweet spot in the noir/naive/trash punk field of homegrown rock and roll. Five tracks of synth-warped hooks wrap both sides of this 45-rpm antidote to all of the the sullen drone acts unloading their single note opuses these days. The title track to Double Vision peels out of the gate on roller blades, and by the time that Side B buzzer "Replacements" rolls through the lead singer's making some pretty Kraftwerkian pronouncements like "resistors resist" and "transformers transform." Even though those are pretty insipid sentiments in writing, I'm suckered in by the techno-veracity and worn out by all of the windmilling my arms have been doing. That's TRUTH TALK Motorman style.

Hozac's got an armada of other releases to look forward to this year, including the Teledrome LP, a long-awaited Nice Face follow-up, and one from those garage sweethearts, Liminanas (no accent squiggle on this American's keyboard and no way I'm going internet style to ctrl+c/ctrl+v it from some .es  neither). And if you were lucky enough to get in on round three of the hook-up club, you'll be soaked with some hot sounds from upside-down Canada a-k-a Australia, motherfucker. Jesus, learn some geography will yuh?

Now I'm gunna crush a C-minus and peace out to some gott-damned! blu ray sci fi. Blip.

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