Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review :: Gap Dream :: S/T

Don't chuh look at me. I'm not crying, I'm just choppin' unyuns or maybe it's the seriously sweet sounds I've got humming through the Bandcamp.

Is it possible to be so into something that you can't be yourself without it? Your vision of yourself, your experience of the present isn't the same unless you're surrounded by something you only came across moments before?

Gap Dreams (not unlike the Gap itself) satisfies some weird psychically elusive part of myself that I didn't realize I needed for self-actualization. There's a satisfying rhythm, that would be perfect accompaniment for a laser-light show, and bangin' surf guitar, neither of which I realized I needed to proceed.

Listen to this...shit yourself...then come back crawling...

Released on Burger Records, but then what isn't?

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