Friday, December 9, 2011

Review :: Whores :: Ruiner

Brutal Panda Records

Just when I thought the rest of my life would be all about sitting down to pee and blushing with pride whenever the lady of the house called me the King of Chardonnay, a band like this comes along and punches me in the balls. Yep, they're still there.

Fire-breathing noise rock out of Atlanta (album produced by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk) that's knee deep in sludge. These shit birds definitely bring the bad vibes. They've got the sledgehammer bass thumps of Charm City's Dope Body but with more menace. Whuh do you wanna bet they get their inspiration cruising around nice neighborhoods aiming an unloaded snub nose at all of the playgrounds they pass? Somebody oughta report um.

So I was going to brew some decaf tea, take a bath, and crash early with sweet thoughts about all the chores I was going to finish tomorrow, but I'm awake now, and all I want to do now is grow a mustache and shoot Beam, so I'm going to plant my ass down, watch Bronson movies and make this happen. Thanks for the man tap.