Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review :: Ghost Wave :: S/T EP

Gotta say I luv to play catch up. It's like going into the light with Carol Anne at the beast's beckoning; it feels right even though it's the opposite of what mommy keeps screaming at me not to do. Can't believe this sound's over a year old cuz I'm still turning it right round like it cropped up yesterday. And all because a couple uh guys from New Zealand jamming fast, fuzzed up pop.

Spent all night doing my taxes, so this is what you're getting for a Tuesday post. Do I feel bad about that? No. What I feel bad about is that there aren't enough hours between now and work tomorrow to get trashed.

Maybe this post's all about me fighting back the forces of the blug-o-sphere, stickin it to flood of information, getting old news back on the street cuz it's still relevant. No, wait, this is all about the Clean coming to town in June, and well maybe this shit's just awesome on repeat.

Don't deny the BEAST, Carol Anne.

Ghost Wave :: Hippy

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