Friday, February 25, 2011

Review :: Pitifully Short-Range Teleporation :: The Beets

Velvet Lounge, 915 U St NW, Washington, DC
Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming off a string of shows this week, and it turns out I didn't miss the sound of my own ranting here as much as I thought I would. Guess going out's wrecking my opinion of myself, which is really all I head left going for me. 

Broke into my stash of 4 Loko last night to catch a great show that we'll be featuring here soon. Downloaded that fruit berry mess straight to my liver and grabbed the car keys. Shit, I hate hearing myself talk. 

Back to the matter at hand: I was glad to catch the Beets show at Velvet last Sunday. Queens, NY band that flew all the way from fucking Uruguay to get here and put on sunglasses in front of live audiences. Easier ways to do that, am I right? It was a lot of shit-chedelic (just coined that. high five me later.) garage rock, the kind I like to pack in my face just to prove to the office that I can fit the most in there.

Juan Wauters had this sweet acoustic that looked like he bought it from a roadside stand. But, damn, the thing was wired right. The drummer had a less is more thing going for him by pulling off the show with just a pair of toms, and maybe a ride that I don't really remember seeing. Also, Jose Garcia (bassist): really nice dude.

The Beets' Stay Home came out in January on Captured Tracks.

The Beets :: What Did I Do

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