Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review :: Psychotronic Wiretap :: Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo
"Soul Vibrations of Man"
Cave Painting
Friends Records

This one skips hyperspeed altogether and goes straight to plaid. It's a kinetic-wah-bruiser that transformed my laptop into an interstellar command bay, and further proof that Baltimore is on a completely different planet. With a fidgety bassline scratching through leagues of spacedust and an organ that pierces through like an ancient supernova, Sri Aurobindo crosses that gap between Earth-bound prehistory and curious futurism. Psychedelia the way your red-assed shit-eating ancestors pondered about, and what your red-assed shit-eating descendants will read about in outdated textbooks.

This cut is from 2010's Cave Painting, being the second release from the expanding Baltimore-based Friends Records. I think I could be friends with these guys. We could ingest obnoxious amounts of DMT and build tree forts, maybe crack a few jokes. Catch them tonight at Baltimore's Golden West with other favorites Birds of Maya and Secret Mountains. I'm not sure if ride-share includes space-travel, but if anyone has wheels, let me know.

Buy Cave Painting here.

Sri Aurobindo :: Soul Vibrations of Man

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