Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Ever since I stumbled into the band Felt a couple years ago, my mere tolerance for songs guided by clean-tone guitar work has become more of an obsession. I've become that guy who goes to Sears just to ride the elevator from Men's up to Home Decor and back again to get my fix. You know that guy, right? Or maybe I'll dial up Public Works just to sit on hold for a few minutes each day. Is there a way to plug your mobile into a tape deck?

Until then, San Francisco's Melted Toys brings that hypnotic chiming straight to the front of this cut, the lead-off track from their debut EP, Washed and Dried, due out Feb. 22 on Underwater Peoples
. It's the perfect last-weeks-of-winter-when-the-fuck-will-it-end-I've-been-staring-at-this-black-pile-of-slush-for-hours sound. Not entirely sure how a Bay Area band managed that, but the guitars don't lie. I'd like to do my own remix of this track, with quick audio ducking to overdub an announcement to listen carefully as the options have changed.

Melted Toys :: Come On

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