Friday, February 18, 2011

News :: Third Eye Laser Surgery :: Dum Dum Girls

Nope, this isn't a protest shot from Bahrain. We're just posting a track that the Dum Dum Girls have been passing out around town for free lately.  Handouts for the everyman.

There's something different going on with the guitars here, and while I'm not sure I'm totally on board with it,  I'm not reaching for the boo-hoo button neither. They definitely feel mottled to me, too harmonious, and not at all chainsaw massacre, cosmic killer like I likes. But then again, I think I'm happier listening to music when I've got one finger in the wall socket. Who knew it was so easy to feel free, am I right?

The follow-up EP to their 2010 LP is coming out March 1 on Subpop, and you'll never believe what it's called...And get your tickets for the Black Cat show with the Minks and Dirty Beaches on March 5 during their wind up to SXSW. It'll be a good show. It will also be full of total tools. A virtual toolshed of dumpster-diving trust fund babies (not mutually exclusive). But I'll be there, crying and laughing my spleen out.

Bones: the EP's going to include a cover of Smiths song, "There Is a Light that Never Goes Out." And now I'm going to bed with visions of the Moz swaying in my head.

Dum Dum Girls :: He Gets Me High

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