Friday, December 10, 2010

Video :: Twelve Dark Noons

Twelve Dark Noons (Teaser)
Future Primitive Films
Sacred Bones

I have no idea what this is or will turn out to be. But it looks fucking awesome. That's all it takes these days. Maybe it's the picture quality... start feeding film through a Super 8, point the camera at water dripping from a faucet and I'll watch until the entire planet collapses into a sinkhole. Maybe it's the editing... the slow-then-fast zooms remind me of 1970 Czech cult classic Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, a personal favorite. Maybe it's the associated sound-collage... from what I understand, Aussie psych band and Sacred Bones associates Naked on the Vague has provided an appropriate sonic ritual to accompany the proceedings.

Maybe it's none of these things. Maybe it looks fucking awesome because, within a brief 30 seconds, I feel sunburned, late, panicked, and afraid of women, exactly in that order. I'm glad someone else takes the term "psychedelic" to mean the same thing, and equally happy to promote the associated Kickstarter page dedicated to raising funds to accomplish the film. Though, by this posting, I'm approximately $1,346 too late. Late, as in the psychedelic sense.

Much, much more info here.

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