Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Wild Nothing
Golden Haze
Captured Tracks

12" EP 

It can't just be some strange coincidence that the lead-off track on the Golden Haze EP (the title track in this case) shares a common fade-in technique as the first cut on its immediate predecessor in the Wild Nothing catalogue, Gemini. There are very few records in my collection that use a fade-in as the first track. While I hope they don't spoil it by repeating that choice again, it works to great effect as an introduction to this rapidly successful Virginia band. Think "Hand in Glove" from The Smiths' 1984 Hatful of Hollow fade-in. "Golden Haze" isn't a performance as much as it's a sneak peak into a band not playing for anyone but themselves. And that's not to say they're selfish. Jack Tatum and company give us an appropriate sequel to the smeared nostalgia of Gemini, full of twilight guitar and synth-lines that seem to wobble on a saw blade above the hypnotic beat. These songs casually drift in one ear and, upon some chemical process (which I attribute to a cocktail of freezing weather, childhood nostalgia, and, yes, alcohol) can't be bothered to leave the other.

It's cold as an unloving mother outside, and here's a song about it that's not really about either.

We caught Wild Nothing playing DC9 back in June(ish), performing for a small crowd and sounding much richer with a full band. Then they came back a short time ago, opening for Stars at 9:30 Club, but we skipped that shit, because we can't get it up for Stars. Now they're scheduled for a not-to-be-missed show at Rock and Roll Hotel with Abe Vigoda opening, flipping calendar, on Feb. 12. And it will probably still be as cold out as a handshake with your enemy.

Wild Nothing :: Golden Haze

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