Thursday, December 16, 2010

Features :: Machine Dream Winter Mix 2010

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East of the Appalachians: high of 29 degrees today, 80% chance of snow, winds 7mph out of the SW. Board up your windows and doors, lock up your sons and daughters, it's time for our winter mix, and this shit is coming to you LOUD. We're so happy, we're breaking out the bourbon and the Rudolph sweaters.

Download or stream below. Stay frosty.


01. Goodbye Horses (Flight)
02. Heart Attack Kid (Bass Drum of Death)
03. Funeral Baby (The Liminanas)
04. Eating Babies (Grave Babies)
05. Private Dick (Monochrome Set)
06. Captive Chains (The Young)
07. Mutant Beach Theme (Ancient Crux)
08. In Here The World Begins (Broadcast)
09. Cementerio (Los Saicos)
10. Lightening Strikes (Chuck Persons)
11. Eclipse of the Moon (Tony, Caro, and John)
12. Couch ft Ace Creator (Earl Sweatshirt)
13. Where You From (The Samps)
14. In The Garden of the Pharoahs (Wet Hair)
15. IxX999 (White Ring)
16. Love in Outer Space (Sun Ra)
17. End Times (Weekend)

MDtape 01 by Machine Dream

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  1. Lock up your sons and daughters? What exactly are you getting at... ? xo