Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review :: Armchair Telepathy :: Catwalk

(Please) Don't Break Me
b/w "No Room for Love"
Captured Tracks

 Here's an easy-going pop band with a 60s sound you could introduce to mom and dad sometime, maybe bring 'em over for Sunday supper. Catwalk hails from Oxnard, California (which doesn't mean shit to me), but they sound like they could be playing a back room in Liverpool. They keep the bassline and drumbeat as sweet and simple as their sentiment. And for those of you who like tambourine, this track has plenty of that sweet ass tambourine to spare. This is where the band really gets gritty. They turn the tambourine out like a budget prostitute, walk it around the JC Penney's parking lot so the johns can peek at some leg, and drop it back in the passenger seat of the Firebird for the ride home. And just when you expect them to peel out, spin those sweet radials, instead they flip on their blinker and merge carefully with the traffic.

//This is not metaphor. I plan to pay Catwalk's tambourine for sex.

They've got one more EP scheduled for February before Captured Tracks releases their debut LP in the spring. Buy them as they're released right over here.

Catwalk :: Please Don't Break Me

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