Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Video :: Remote Viewing :: Jeans Wilder

Jeans Wilder
Nice Trash
La Station Radar

San Diego's Jeans Wilder released this jaunty little number a few weeks ago, and by jaunty I mean that it sounds like something you'd hear in a horror movie. You know: needle scraping along well-worn grooves while the killer chases a woman through her house, eventually bumping into the turntable so that the music comes to an abrupt stop. So, yeah, "Sparkler" sounds to me like getting chased by a knife-wielding maniac who's wearing a potato sack over his head with a couple of eye-holes cut out. The various footage that's cobbled together for the video (overlaid with an appropriate amount of overheated film, bubbling and ripping) resides safely in the drawer labeled "Nice Trash." 

Go, Burlap-faced Stalker, kill kill!

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