Friday, January 21, 2011

Review :: Psychotronic Wiretap :: Young Prisms

I never get sick. I'm behind the times... I have no idea what a netty pot is (Neti?), and my idea of "holistic" involves a lot of bitching and moaning, looking for sympathy, and calling out sick. I never imagined I'd be rapping on a bulletproof window for a bottle of NyQuil, then carded twice for it. Of course I drank way more than is directed... that was my plan in the first place. I didn't plan on it fucking me up way more. The only way to appease the demons is this track from Young Prisms, from their debut LP Friends For Now, out on Kanine Records this week. Equal parts woozy and lockgroove, it's the undecipherable drowned-out vocals that turned my stomach, and the hard-hitting drums that gave me support as I exorcised the plague.

Catch the San Fran fivesome Feb. 1st at Rock and Roll Hotel with Radio Dept. I'll be there sipping on my Texas tea, trying to replicate last night's fever dream.

Young Prisms :: Feel Fine

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  1. U r sick too? Have u been kissing adam again?

    xo rhymes with scary