Thursday, January 6, 2011

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The internet is packed away in some box underneath sanity and sobriety, and we're in no rush to dig those out, so bear with us while we work out our inner-demons for one goddamn minute. Here's an offering to quell the deafening cacophony of our single follower.

Beaming in from deep space like some lost Lee Hazlewood bootleg karaoke session, this cut comes from Dirty Beaches' upcoming full-length, Badlands, on Zoo Music March 29th.
It'll be interesting to see how this stumbling lament will hold up during the upcoming tour with Dum Dum Girls and Minks (March 6 at Black Cat). While it's easy to imagine Dum Dum Girls' psych-harem jangle, I kind of picture Dirty Beaches' Alex Zhang Hungtai as the opening eunuch, passed out drunk mumbling that he doesn't give a damn about anything. And that's totally and completely cool, since I'll be doing the same exact thing.

Dirty Beaches :: Lord Knows Best

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  1. I would follow you but I don't know how! Kind of like not knowing that a standard CD is 80 minutes.