Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Headquartered somewhere deep inside of America's top hat, the fine folks over at the Supreme Court of Canada kick out the mixtapes like it was still 1992. I can't begin to count the number of great bands I've discovered as a result of their efforts. This week's special guest curator was none other than Mark Sultan aka BBQ of the King Khan and BBQ show. This garage rocker's the best thing to happen to Canada since the French discovered fur-trapping. If you can make it, dig The Inner Space's "Kamera Song," and the lost gem "Snacky Poo" (which is what I call a shot of Beam). I have to admit I get a little lost around the Ornette Coleman song here, but for the most part you get a great idea of where BBQ's head is at with this mix.

Postscript: I realize that we're totally ripping the mixtape and playlist from their site, so I urge you to click their link above and browse some of their other comps. You won't regret it. 

Post-postscript: the tape curated by Nick Isberg got me through a whole day at work. "Cocaine" by Dick Justice describes pretty accurately how I feel about tacos.

Mixtape 14 - Mark Sultan by Supreme Court of Canada

01. Raw Power - Fuck Authority
02. Charlie Feathers - Wild, Wild Party
03. Del-Mars - Snacky Poo
04. Five Keys - My Saddest Hour
05. Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
06. Ornette Coleman - Holiday For Heroes
07. The Zeros - Handgrenade Heart
08. The Inner Space - Kamera Song
09. The Falcons - Oh Baby
10. Eddie Gale - The Rain
11. Clara Rockmore - The Swan
12. Pussy - Comets
13. The Outsiders - Misfit
14. Lee Moses - Bad Girl Pt. 1
15. Ruth White - The Litanies Of Satan

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