Monday, January 31, 2011

Review :: Electronic Voice Phenomena :: Luciernaga

Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter
Fabrica Records

I got passed this tape last week and couldn't resist buying it. I've developed a fascination for tape releases over the past year, and with more tape labels pushing out the in-between work of great bands, they've become unavoidable. Luciernaga (español para firefly) is a solo project by one of the members from DC's Birds and Wires, and I believe he relocated to Brooklyn sometime in the past year, because I haven't really seen the band on a billing since last summer's Fort Reno series.

The Luciernaga project sounds like cuts from one of David Lynch's student films. "Long Wave" is one of the more listenable tracks on the album--and let me throw in that I listen to a lot of noise, and "listenable" can either be a compliment or a deprecation, frothing from my lower lip, in league with other grave markers like accessible or pleasant. But in this case I believe "Long Wave" succeeds. It bears strikingly little form or texture and yet it provides a surface with a beginning and an end. As the droning proceeds, the flat plane illuminates around the edges and presents the idea of a world or world-ness, and the notion of exploration follows shortly behind. Now if only David Lynch had his hands on this tape, he'd probably feature a pair of twin dwarfs dancing on a glass table, one vomiting resignedly down through the wing collar of his tuxedo shirt and the other reciting inchoate nursery rhymes about blind rabbits. Other tracks from this tape vary in terms of listenability, let's say, on a scale from Bill Pullman to Robert Blake in terms of who you'd want to be behind the wheel of the car you were being driven home in.

From the insert:
This audio cassette collects material recorded over a three year period (2008 - 2010) which include field recordings, samples, performances on acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and various effects most of which are of an analog nature.

Luciernaga :: Long Wave

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