Friday, May 11, 2012

Paleoacoustics :: Sex Clark Five :: Strum & Drum!

Huntsville, Alabama couldn't be a more perfect setting for oddball 80s indie-lore.  Huntsville, at once completely anonymous and three hole-punched notches in the Bible Belt, but a little digging and you discover Space Camp.  Southern dredge with ties to the cosmos.  Mustachioed men in tiny Eraser Head tees.  The universe seems charmingly smaller, everything makes a bit more sense.  Fertile ground for a band called Sex Clark Five (four conveniently pictured above) to take the neighbor's basement by storm.  Theirs is a brief tale of Kinks obsession and John Peel ordainment, seemingly cut short by their own quick wit.  Leader James Butler and crew tracked their debut Strum and Drum! (a neatly precise genre-tag for their sound) in late 1986, and aside from an EP or two, all was said and done.  They've left behind a truly astonishing document of Southern jangle-pop, and I recommend seeking it out.  I also recommend covering your neighbor's car in bologna and letting it sit overnight.  Same difference.


  1. I'm glad someone else besides me respects the great lost strum and drumsters from the rocket city. Their slash and burn guerilla brand of guitar pop is puzzling to most of the cookie cutter alternative world but a worthwhile pursuit for the more adventurous. I'd love to find a real discography because in addition to at least five noteworthy albums sc5 still occasionally tiptoe amongst the musical underground landscape.

  2. Love that Sex Clark Five. I noticed an upcoming session on BBC Radio 6 and checking around Itunes, the strum and drum enlightened should be excited. There's a brand new sc5 album in 2013 RembrandtX....30 brilliant catchy songs, everything you'd want from one of the best bands EVER.

    1. Alabama's greatest garage band has delivered the goods with Rembrandt X? It's Genius!

  3. Melodic misfits from the deep south and one of the great underground brand names.I'm so glad the sc5 are still around.