Thursday, May 3, 2012

News :: Sweating Tapes :: May Day Sale

From now until May 8 Sweating Tapes, one of our favorite cassette (and vinyl) labels around, is taking 15% off of their entire catalog to make room for some new releases. So, yeah, this presents a pretty fucking great opportunity to get acquainted. The best possible introduction you could hope to get of ST past and ST future would be to pick up their compilation featuring ASSS, Vice Device, Tunnels, and a shit load of other synth-powered light dispensers. All of their releases comes with a high quality digital download so that you can grapple with some instant gratification.

Keep an eye out for some definite-buys out soon on Sweating Tapes like the Nightmare Fortress12" Until the Air Runs Out (sample below).

As for today's haul, I grabbed up the new Deathday c30 and the Animal Bodies 12", and holy shit, I'm going to be sacrificing some black cats come midnight tonight. Maybe not my cat, but somebody's cat, and definitely tonight at midnight.

Deathday :: Cold Room

 Nightmare Fortress :: Visionquest 

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