Monday, April 4, 2011

Video :: Remote Viewing :: Xander Harris

Xander Harris
"Tanned Skin Dress"
Urban Gothic

Finally, when I thought my fantasies were too twisted for public consumption, somebody comes along and mainstreams the most fringe sectors of my imagination. I feel completely absorbed by normality, human, oneness with.  This giallo inspired video ties hipster stereotypes to a stake and releases a knife-wielding stalker from its pen at the edge of the forest.

I should say that I'm drinking a new tequila right now, El Ultimo Agave, which I was persuaded by the clerk (?) at Metro Wine & Liquors to buy over the Cuervo Especial Silver, not because it's better but because "it costs three dollars more." So my bloodstream's full of unicorns battling kittens for dominance of teardrop island.

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