Friday, April 1, 2011

Review :: Armchair Telepathy :: Dam Mantle

Dam Mantle
Purple Arrow EP
Wichita Recordings

This electronic noise artist's experiments make me want to feed legos to my cat--wait for it--digitally. How's that even possible, you ask? Eat a lego and find out for yourself, motherfucker, cause you ain't getting your hands on my cat.  Dam Mantle's at its best when it's channeling Nintendo games, bearing more than a striking resemblance to Baltimore's Adventure, whose last record I remember waking up to in the middle of a listen cradling the break-slackened neck of a ninja slash home invader in my arms.

Tom Marshallsay's Dam Mantle project just released the Purple Arrow EP on Wichita Recordings this month, which includes a few tracks in support of his long-player, First Wave, from the same label. And he'll be at the Red Palace tonight with Gold Panda, a great match from a booker's perspective.

Judging from the Red Palace's website and various posters around town, they're expecting some dude named Dan Mantle to show up. Maybe he'll tell a few jokes, pull a post-grunge acoustic act out of his ass, shouting lyrics about how bad it felt to have his girlfriend leave him for some guy who has a job. But the the real Marshallsay's as Glaswegian as they come. He's as Glaswegian as a wedge salad. He's probably going to wear a fur-lined hoodie, hit play on his laptop, and sit back sipping on the Smirnoff. Wut.

Dam Mantle :: Theatre

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