Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review :: Armchair Telepathy :: Toro y Moi/Cloud Nothings

Toro y Moi/Cloud Nothings
"I Will Talk To You" b/w "For No Reason"
Carpark Records

Quick on the heels of both acts' recent long-players, Carpark bundles Toro y Moi's Chaz Bundick and Cloud Nothing's Dylan Baldi for a double-header. Musically speaking, of course... though I'd love to see those two cuddlebugs together in swaddling clothes. It's a smart choice though, with both sides pleasing my attention-depleted mind.

Bundick further distances himself from his chill contemporaries here; in fact, he may be pioneering a new subgenre I'll coin at this particular moment as lukewarmwave. There it is, I said it, and it will be completely out of fashion by next week, replaced by heatwave or maybe blazewave even. For the time being, his contribution to this split could be the soundtrack to an alternate Bond universe where international espionage is replaced by the much more tangible enemy of hipster nonchalance, and that is grounds for a gripping screenplay.

Dylan Baldi's guitar tone is the star of this split, sounding like my rainbow-striped sweater if it could shred. Warm and colorful, a little scratchy and not washed, ever. It smells like shit, but I wear it almost every day. You get the picture. The guitar tone is matched with a caffeinated vocal that's trapped in a radiator and drums that sound like empty beer cans in a trash compactor. It all makes for a damn hummable tune.

Carpark came up roses with this one. Fortunately, both acts are visiting DC in April. Unfortunately, this one isn't a bundle.
Cloud Nothings at DC9 4/11 and Toro y Moi at RnR Hotel 4/14. Don't miss em.

Cloud Nothings :: For No Reason

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