Monday, March 14, 2011

Review :: Psychotronic Wiretap :: Dignan Porch

Dignan Porch
Captured Tracks

There's enough swerving guitar rock here to keep my eyes forward on the road. The singer's stair-step vocal rhythm has plenty of hook to it. And the occasional harmony just plain creeps me out the way two people who know each other way too well do. Dignan Porch hail from the UK, the land where our better-mannered cousins crouch in a thick fog, dreaming of beaches. And perhaps that explains the beauty this band builds from simple means, never really over-reaching or stepping into the unfamiliar. I feel like I'm getting soft in my age just listening to them. Makes we want to go out in the street and kick over a baby carriage or wave my knife at an old lady just to rekindle what I lost listening to this album.

Captured Tracks deserves a pat on the back for inviting these guys across the pond. They released the band's first album in 2010 and this slightly higher-fi follow-up shows even more promise, proving that with clear eyes there's more guts and glory to behold.  Go to your record store, or why not give them a week, and then demand Deluded.

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