Sunday, March 20, 2011

News :: We Can See the Future :: John Maus

We expect this guy to come out smelling like a winner from this year's SXSW. Or at least he'll go from nobody having heard of him, to releasing a couple tracks that remind people of the 80s, and then back to releasing rarely reviewed albums for Upset the Rhythm. So, yeah, by seeing the future, we mean to say that we have watched this guy coming up for a while, and it's not so hard to guess that people will go for nostalgia with a twist anytime it's offered. But, you know what? We're suckers of the worst kind, too. Not like gotta-pay-rent-street-corner suckers, more like some happy medium between that and actual leeches.

John Maus, not to be mistaken for Maus of the Walker Brothers, lives in Hawaii where he probably sleeps with the newly wed wives on their honeymoons while the husbands are out hitting the links and hiking volcanoes. He's also spent some time with Ariel Pink and Gary War on the Haunted Graffiti project, which should all have worked to lift him over the shoulders of his peers. He travels around with a Roland sampler, groans into his microphone, and gesticulates like he's leading tent revivalists in prayer.  Oh, and his third album came out this past June. Heard of him yet?

John Maus :: Do Your Best

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