Friday, March 11, 2011

Review :: Electronic Voice Phenomena :: Widowspeak

Wack Slacks

Widowspeak :: Harsh Realm

Got some more jangly guitar rock for you. I picked up this tape while I was in Brooklyn this past weekend over at Academy Records Annex. I think my shopping companion was on her third story about puking right before a boy was supposed to ask her out, more than one pamphleteer asked me if I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, and there was a record store cat in the window watching the passersby pass by, all of which coalesced into a wonderful sense of well-being for me. It had me hoping for the world again, and my hope for the world took the form of a $5 cassette purchase before it was spent.

When my bus crash-landed in a harsh rainstorm, the type that's full of shit and shiver, I was home in DC again. I caught the Dum Dum Girls over at Black Cat (which is all really neither here nor there, tevs), and then I put this little gem in my trusty RCA deck when I got through the door. Wack Slacks either intentionally or unintentionally, because they didn't have the connection to have it mastered, gave this EP a worn-in sound that I can dig. It's probably the latter, but who the fuck can afford to be polished nowadays? Suck it, Libya.

This one's for fans of Mazzy Star or just sitting outside alone on a summer night, thinking about but not quite succeeding in sobriety.

Thanks for the find, ECS.

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