Monday, November 22, 2010

Review :: Armchair Telepathy :: Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils
Face It
b/w Distance
Captured Tracks

A new, cleaned up recording suits this band. They may sound a little more like label mates, Wild Nothing, but that shouldn't seem like a bad thing, or even somehow inappropriate to Dustin Payseur's upbringing.  Looking at the facts, both bands (and I could lump some other bands in here, too) have adopted a late-eighties Brit-pop guitar rock, and they've melded that sound with an all-American beach bonfire vibe. But this isn't a west coast thing. Since both bands hail from lower Atlantic states, it's safe to say this music better captures the grassy strands and island-dotted shorelines of the east coast. And so both bands become (sort of) southeast counterparts to the scum rock/psych pop coming from America's left coast, the better-known, beach-ier coast. But if the choice is between Brooklyn bedroom artists transplanted from their native Southland or LA's highway-bound dumpster divers, give me the sons and daughters of General Sherman's scorched earth any day.

I liked them when they put out their debut LP earlier this year, and I like them more now.

Beach Fossils :: Face It

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