Monday, November 8, 2010

Reviews :: Transdimensional Reconnaissance :: The Young

The Young
Voyagers of Legend
Mexican Summer

Back from a long weekend in Austin where I narrowly missed paying the $50 to go to Fun Fun Fun Fest. It probably wouldn't have been worth the price of the wristband, though, since most of the bands played elsewhere in their off-hours. And I'd already caught most of the bands I wanted to see as they toured in Texas's general direction. This festival (like all of the rest hosted in the ATX) fails to properly flaunt the hometown heroes, so it's with some luck that a friend helped me stumble onto his favorite up-and-coming band, The Young. Pick it up at the nosebleed steep prices offered by Mexican Summer, an otherwise fantastic label. The songs only get crustier and more directionless than than the album's opener posted below. You can't catch this band playing FFFFest.

The Young :: Captive Chains
The Young :: Smiling God
These files and more can also be downloaded via band's blog if you follow this link.

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