Monday, September 24, 2012

Freelove Fenner :: Pineapple Hair :: Fixture

The real virtue of this song is that it runs the same exact amount of time it takes to follow these instructions on how to eat a Pop Tart.  The cast of instruments (slinky guitar, phased-out drum kit, bass and organ) are introduced swiftly enough for me to get the Pop Tarts out of the wrapper and into the toaster just in time.  Caitlin Loney's bored-as-fuck-but-that's-the-point vocals refuse to give a shit as I transfer the Pop Tarts to a plate, and the song enters a brief groove while I enjoy whichever flavor I've chosen for myself that day.  It's a virtue, and a very handy one at that... I've managed to create another new subgenre called PopTartArtPop: brief, pocket-sized, colorful, and sometimes found between the ass and head of a cat.  Freelove Fenner hold down their corner, and The Particles aren't too far off.

The Montreal duo have their new EP available on cassette via Fixture Records starting in early October.  I imagine pineapple hair to be sort of like a beehive, but fruitier... and thus the EP is rightly named.

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