Friday, August 31, 2012

The Limiñanas :: Crystal Anis :: Hozac

This is psych for simpletons.  Ye-Ye for yes men.  Fortunately for you and me, I get by with three chords, a couple dusty organ grooves, and a tambourine that gets more love than Paula Dean's saltshaker.  The southern-France natives return here with their second LP (following 2010's self-titled on Trouble In Mind), still sounding like a covered-wagon caravan of time-traveling gypsy-ravers passing in the night.  With Crystal Anis, they've stripped some (some) jangle for more riff-based jams.  Opener "Salvation" is an immediate welcoming, slipping and rattling like the B-52s stuck in a Morricone Mesopotamia.  The record deviates from here based on how wonky the electric guitar can get (tremolo or vibrato -- who cares??), but the tone throughout is a cohesive '70s cop eating acid-soaked donut holes while chasing candy thieves.  It just depends on when he's eating and when he's chasing, is all.  Heavy, heavy stuff.

Taste the rainbow over at Hozac.  Listen below...


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