Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ash Borer :: Demo :: Psychic Violence

Since Ash Borer's first release of their demo back in 2009, you probably haven't had a whole lot of opportunities to listen to this band, assuming you've even heard of them. And now they've got three vinyl releases under their belt, each of them as essential as the next. As far as their demo goes, you're looking at two sides, two stunning tracks, one of which is untitled. I thoroughly believe that bands like Ash Borer--and I'll include Gilead Media/Pesanta Urfolk friendlies, Fell Voices, Hell, and Thou--have been smelted and forged in the shape of Black Metal to come.

Track one/side one, Drunke, peaks and valleys throughout its 14-minute run, and it's riff phrases are punctuated brilliantly with mind-melting vocal blasts that will blow your speakers and seriously encourage you to upgrade your receiver. The untitled side two is somehow much icier, sounding very much like what I imagine it must be like to cruise in solo flight aboard the International Space Station.

This reissue comes on thick, sleek, black-as-all-sin and cold-as-ice vinyl, and the cover features the band's name printed in gold embossing,  resembling the down-turned arms of Cthulu as if the dark lord had finally been anointed with dominion over the mortal realm. I've been keeping it under my pillow at night just to inspire bad dreams.

Pick up a copy of the demo from Ash Borer's own label, Psychic Violence (now on a crazy low discount), and listen to more from Ash Borer at their Bandcamp page.

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