Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Track :: Lower Dens :: Brains

Not digging too deep for this one. Girl-next-door bombshell Jana Hunter has pulled her long line of charming men together for a new album, Nootropics, out in May via Ribbon Music. Lead single (and forthcoming 10") "Brains" just shuffled its way out of the Internet and interrupted my dinner conversation. This is a train song for blade runners, and highly recommended if you feel more secure defecating with the door shut even when no one else is home. They're not even due home for another 40 minutes. Hell, they went out of town for the weekend. Live a little, eh?

If the image shown on Lower Dens' website is any indication, this new record will have a shitload of keyboard textures. Must be in the B-more water supply.

Lower Dens :: Brains

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