Friday, August 12, 2011

Remainder :: Bass Drum of Death Releases T. Rex Cover

Barely beating me to the punch for my new 4-track cover of Celibate Bummer...Think I'll be famous?

Bass Drum of Death :: Celebrate Summer

If you like Marc Bolan, you'll probably like this, but really I'd rather hear from you if you don't like him. Gotta lot of love for his man skin pants, but, seriously, how many fucking people have to crawl out of the sewer to prove that the diamond dog was king for a day? I'm tapping Dave Thomas to sub in for my Bolan festish. Sir Thomas, I'd like to personally welcome you to my collection of Pere Ubu stitched pillows. Hope you've always wanted to know what your death mask would look like in macrame.

Totes B. Dumb of Meth. Gonna catch them in tobacco town this fall for Hopscotch Pest.

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