Friday, June 3, 2011

Video :: Remote Viewing :: Cold Showers

Cold Showers
"I Don't Mind"
Highlands 7"

The video by this new Mexican Summer band isn't for everyone, but I must admit that I've got quite a thing for squirting animal blood in my friends' faces. And, boy, do they love it. They can't get enough of the funny way I chomp my good tooth down into some raw meat right before their startled eyes. 

This is music made, apparently, for Mansonites. Just once I'd like to see a video that takes place at an ordinary party where people are just sitting around a quiet living room, occasionally spooning out potato salad onto paper plates and admiring carpet patterns while their jaws flap around on loose hinges like guppies. Instead I'm now one step closer to understanding what Sharon Tate went through.

Summer-loving times aside, Cold Showers has got a pretty sweet vibe going. The singer's voice will give you freezer burn if you sit to closer to your shitty macbook speakers. That's right, you'll smell like year-old corn dogs after you listen to him. MC Corndog on the mic.

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