Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Features :: Machine Dream Spring Mix 2011

Gotta whole other soul in my pocket bought cheap from A-number-one vato down Shepherd Alley near Chinatown. And when I gave him my money, before the migration of spirits went down, he leaned close or askt me to lean in close. And I heard him whisper, and I strained to hear. Between ambo sirens and a faraway lady too late awake, waiting for her something other to come home through the door, I could make out these spare words: lay your woes at my feet...cup your hands before me...seek in me as you would seek in yourself...prayers will be allayed, answers delayed.

Gotta hole in my soul and so I'd feed that mole with all you see before you: A-number-one hundred post and a Machined Ream mixtape. Talking in tongues aside, I have to say I came out of this one feeling a whole lot better about the state of new music these days, like I'd been cleansed, my mind bored to a certain size.

I see fists. Feel like a fight?


01. Sweatmother (Tobacco)
02. It's a Nightmare (Apache Dropout)
03. No Summr4U (oOoOO)
04. Dinner (Blood Orange)
05. Harsh Realm (Widowspeak)
06. Sister Ray (Woven Bones)
07. Quantum Leap (John Maus)
08. Hashshashin (Lumerians)
09. Neon Kids (Cosmonauts)
10. an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum (Shabazz Palaces)
11. Les Neuf Soeurs (Mode Moderne)
12. Fractured Light (Weird Magic)
13. Casual Diamond (Sleep ∞ Over)
14. Sunsetter (Ghost Wave)
15. Gonna Listen to T-Rex (Burnt Ones)
16. I Want More Than Blood (Xander Harris)

Play, download, delete, do what you got to do.

MDtape 02 by machinedream

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