Thursday, October 21, 2010

Features :: Weaponize Your Stereo Today :: Fan Death Records

Catch the fall mixtape streaming  from FDR's website while it lasts. The songs range from pop-drones to chainsaw revving on the listenability scale. Highlights include a new song from Broken Water (Olympia, WA), which picks up with a Ron Asheton-style grumbling Detroit lead-in and settles neatly into a downward-gazing female grunge chorus.

My personal favorite has to be the new Puerto Rico Flowers song. For those who don't already know, this is the new band fronted by John Sharkey of Clockcleaner (Philadelphia). It rides the line of being too derivative of Joy Division to deal with, but if you imagine Sharkey's sadistic thrill hunt set in a melancholy British fog, the reverie becomes too thick to dismiss. He's abandoned his deranged (think: neighbor masturbating out the bay window of his model home) guitar in favor of synths, a move I'm more hip to thanks to B'more  growlers, Future Islands. Clockcleaner also has a  track included in this mix, which will be riding on their new FDR release. Can't wait to pick that one up (catch Auf Wiedersehen out on Load Records now). Those guys made me fear for the safety of my neighbor's daughter, for what I might do to her. How could I be so sick without knowing it?

Listen to it. Love it. Cry yourself to sleep. Wake up. Eat shit at your job. Drive home too fast. Expose yourself to your neighbors.

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